The Thirty-Thirty Restaurant offers an upscale dinning experience in Laredo, with contemporary-international food with a Mexican Twist.

Our Mission:
Thirty Thirty Restaurant is committed to making
superior, fresh food daily, using only the
highest quality  ingredients sourced locally
in the south Texas region.

The Chef:
     Chef Nelson Eguia was classically trained in french cuisine at Le Cordon Blue.  Raised in Monterrey MX, his interest in the culinary arts began in childhood. He began training in Monterrey at age 17 and continued to develop his culinary career in Austin TX. Growing up in a Mexican household, the first concept he mastered was the use of spices and their flavor combinations. Each kitchen he has worked in has added a layer of complexity to his cooking.  Every food experience has left an indelible mark on his cuisine. His cuisine is described as Modern American, but is culturally honest and done with a unique approach.
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